Jas Kamal
Jas Kamal

About Us

Venus Makeup Studio provides mobile Hair & Makeup services at your comfort, we love to create different hair & makeup looks as per clients' preferences. Our profession has been a lifelong talent and hobby, which translates into an incredible and stunning look.


The entire Venus Makeup Studio team loves to attend seminars, events, fashion shows and watch videos to stay up to date with the current trends in the beauty world, which translates to a beautiful look. We will focus on making everyone around you stunned by your look.


The former Blache Macdonald Centre graduates not only attended the most prestigious hair & makeup college in the world, we also are one of the most talented and well-liked hair & makeup studios in the world.


Venus Makeup Studio is one of the best hair & makeup studios in British Columbia because they focus on quality over quantity. Venus Makeup Studio wants to make you look like the star of the show because in their minds their clients are their number one priority. 


Venus Makeup Studio loves using top end brands such as M.A.C, Makeup Forever, Stila, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Smash Box, Laura Mercier, and etc. They are very organized with their beauty products, they maintain a very high standard of cleanliness with all of their makeup products and brushes by sanitizing them in between each client.


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